Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day 1, LifeBurp 1

A LifeBurp is defined as an essential event, one that if ignored, will spiral out of control into a calamity of misadventure, creating an infinite loop of LifeBurps.

Like in computer programming:

Echo This is an endless loop!

It's why working at home is far more perilous than working on, say, an ice pond. Distractions abound, often of the essential kind.

A mail-order pharmacy delivered a package this morning, and the package was a bit lighter than it should have been. When I called them, they said that the missing drug wasn't on their formulary. Another call to another agency confirmed that it was on their formulary. The task, then, became mine: bring Party A and Party B together, and figure everything out.

In the end, it cost me an hour, and $80.

Not terribly bad, as I still haven't written an official word.

This may lead me to write in coffee shops.

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