Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 6

This wasn't a very productive day. The perils of writing at home were encountered, as there were a number of things that demanded attention. What's worse, however, is that I've gotten to the point that's always caused me to stop in the past when I'm writing fantasy - when I need to accurately describe my characters living in and responding to a society that's relatively medieval. Perhaps I *should* have been a SCA member (NO), or perhaps I *should* have attended at least one Renaissance Fair, instead of avoiding them like the plague for fear of guilt by association. Heck, when I was in high school I had too many reasons for people to laugh at me, and I certainly didn't need to give them more. After high school, well, by then I was finally "too cool". Right.

So tonight and tomorrow morning I'm going to need to give myself a refresher course. Thank goodness for Wikipedia. It should be able to (from the articles I've found today) supply me with some information and much needed inspiration. While I still believe that the way I chose to write this story was the right way, it's going to involve a lot more work than I anticipated. I refuse to just write senseless garbage for a month. I might reach my word count, but at what cost?

None of my character's were speaking today. They better get ready tomorrow, because I have work for them.

Quota: 9,092
Actual: 10,096

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