Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 4

Also not a working day. I've been reading some of my older notes, and putting together a reading list while writing. Chris and I together are reading Anna Karenina through via RSS Feed, and I'm finishing up re-reading Donaldson's Fatal Revenant.

Then I'll be looking at:
Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Robert Jordan's Eye of the World
Alison Weir's The Wars of the Roses
George R. R. Martin's A Storm of Swords

I have a couple of ARCs that I need to read as well. Those will have to wait. I'm a firm believer in reading books that inspire you while you write. You are what you read - indeed. Both Jordan and Donaldson do things that I immensely admire - but they also do things that I would do well to avoid. Donaldson has a tendency to use $50 words when they're absolutely unnecessary, and Jordan, sadly, became far too expansive, and left what could have been the definitive American fantasy epic unfinished before he passed away (chillingly, one day after my birthday).

Quota: 4,546 words
Actual: 6,052

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