Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 27 - Won, but not Done

I crossed the finish line tonight. Last Friday really energized me, and that sure showed the last two days.

Friday, 11/23: 7,345 words
Monday, 11/26: 3,827 words
Tuesday, 11/27: 6,556 words

Easily the most productive time period of the entire month, and the 23rd was my most productive day, followed closely by today, the 27th. The 26th was my fifth most productive day.

Today I sat down to add a bit of physics I had learned last night into the story (necessary for the power to control Inertia or Motion), and what started out as adding a few lines to a paragraph turned into twenty-pages, or 6,556 words. And it's still in backstory, but this part of what I'm writing could actually stand on its own as a short story, and I might try to work with that as a goal. When I start classes at The Story Studio in January, I'll be taking 2 classes, one of them a Fantasy/Sci-Fi class. I've always been nervous about testing my fantasy against other readers of fantasy, so this takes a bit of courage for me.

Thanks to everyone that has been so supportive with this. Your confidence in me definitely bolstered mine, and helped me cross the finish line.

But I'm not done. Not even for the month. I'm going to write every day until the end of the week, and see where I get. December is for messing around with possible short story ideas (not as a distraction, but as something to write and try to publish) and studying for the GRE. Ugh. Not looking forward to THAT.

Also, I realized that I really do need to learn a bit about physics if I'm going to make any of this work. Maybe I'll take a class somewhere in the summer. We'll see. I'd also like a nursing degree, to help with the Health and Illness themes, but, well, that's not going to happen. I'll have to do with this what I have.

Everything seems to be about opposites.


Some of those are physical aspects. Other(s) moral, ethical, or judgemental, depending on your view. But it's my view that matters, because I'm writing it. :-)

150 pages done, 850 or so to go.

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Esther said...

I have not had a 6k word day once this November. You rock.