Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 5 - Finished

Today's writing went by quickly. I met my word count before I knew it, but kept pushing forward.

I'm not as ecstatic about my writing today, because I have the sense that most of it will end up on the cutting room floor, so to speak, but still it's writing, I'm pushing ahead, and am having thoughts about how to rework some of what I've already written. Because it flew by rather quickly, it's probably pretty awful. I found that I didn't have the patience today to wordsmith as I went along, so was less conscious of trying to produce something that was good on some level, and more focused on getting ideas on the page.

A character that figured prominently in Chapter 1, and who was supposed to appear prominently in Chapter 2, was unceremoniously removed, leaving only my main character, his harsh older brother, and their dying father. It wasn't intentional, but I think that it may have been for the best. My main character has to *want* the "services" of this character who was removed, so having to actively seek him out is probably a good thing overall.

Quota: 6819 (based on 3 "working days"...Thursday, Friday, Monday)
Actual: 8596

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