Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 20

Another good day, with decent production. Again, the focus was entirely on getting the words down on paper, and completely ignoring whether they made sense.I'm constructing some of the backstory, and am telling it all at once (which, of course, won't happen in the book), so before continuing I went back and re-read everything I have written over the past two days, made some changes and edits, and then added new material, having my MC explain how the world is viewed differently where he is from.

Today I believe that I mined another jewel from junk, so it was well worth it.

Didn't want to write because I didn't sleep well last night (what else is new?), but called on my friendly neighborhood Starbucks to fix that for me.

I doubt that I'll be writing more today. Chris has been cooped up studying for a Physiology exam for the last three days, is taking it as I write, so when he's home at 3:45, he's free! I believe we'll celebrate by catching up on TV shows that we've missed due to his heavy coursework. So important to keep up with TV.

Speaking of which, we've killed a few things from our TiVo list. Gray's Anatomy was booted because we realized that with two exceptions, nobody on that show was redeemable, and we hated them all. Even GEORGE! That might have been the last straw. We're still watching Weeds, even though we've come to HATE Mary Louise Parker's character because she wins the award for Worst Mom of the Millenium hands down. Her son deals for her? Helps her grow weed? Gets beat on by bikers when she stops buying crappy weed from them? She should be shot. So we hate most of the characters on Weeds as well, but we're watching because we want to see horrible things happen to all of them.

Quota: 31,822
Actual: 32,319

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